I endorse Daniel for audio/sound mixing, podcast, audio/sound postediting and audio/sound production.

Daniel and I have worked together for over a year and a half now.
When Daniel joined me, I’d put out about 60 podcast episodes and the same number of show notes/blog posts.

I just checked and since Daniel joined me, the podcast has put out a total of 213 episodes since inception.
Daniel has not produced or worked on all of those but he has worked on the most intensive and most valuable. As a result, I’ve been able to proxies large amounts of content that my listeners seem to really value -without going crazy or taking my eye off other business ventures.

So Daniel has helped a great deal in the expansion of the podcast and blog.

Daniel is consistently courteous, reliable and helpful. If he can’t do a job or there is a potential issue, he’ll let you know upfront.
My rather too frequently changing requirements have been politely and efficiently accommodated!

Above all, I feel that I’m Daniel I have someone who has my back, who is conscientious and will Get on with the job without my micromanaging. That is huge for any stressed out entrepreneur.

I thoroughly recommend working with Daniel. Take the strain off yourself and let him do what he does so well -and focus your energy on that which only you can do.

Michael Veazey

Amazing FBA

Michael’s was one of the first shows I worked on when I started back in 2016. This show has been instrumental in fine-tuning my skills in podcasting. Since starting out with just editing his podcast, my role has expanded to coving his YouTube content, show notes, as well as some VA services. Not only has he helped me grow my podcast skills, the value he offers to anyone looking to get started selling on Amazon is immeasurable.


Editing, Full-Service Production, Website Publishing, Video Production, Show Notes

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